Your Opportunities

Sunday School Teacher

I believe very strongly in the power and utility of Sunday School. Guided by this text:

“Exodus 18 25 He chose capable men from all Israel and made them leaders of the people, officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. 26 They served as judges for the people at all times. The difficult cases they brought to Moses, but the simple ones they decided themselves.

I believe that the 'tens' listed matches well to Sunday School. Even now, when BRC has zero members, the people I relate to amount to about 10. Anyone, at the level of good shepherd as a Sunday School teacher, can only handle well about 10 people. BRC is based on the idea of the 1 lost sheep amidst 100, so to hear (a BRC inalienable right) our individuals, we need structure and capable leaders to this most valuable role.

As the leader of BRC, I want to be available, even at the highest aspirations of 32 million, to each person. How that looks exactly remains to be seen, but I REFUSE to buy into any idea that I cannot personally touch any one person. No person is below me. If God can care for the fallen sparrow, then I dare not find myself 'above' any one person. I care most about the individuals, so between growth and the individual, the individual care will always win.

So, please know even now, I will very happily dub thee a Sunday School Teacher with great joy. Women may not teach men. As to children, I need more thought. So as opportunity sits and then presents itself in the ebb and flow of growth, we'll work out such matters as they arise.”

San Diego

People to build, move, live, and support a San Diego, CA headquarters. I'm coming once Probation lets me move. God willing (James 4:13-15).


I declare things like 'I am aiming to be America's Next Pastor' along the lines of Billy Graham. The first this came to mind, and stuck, was in a Philadelphia, PA garage of the uncle of a former girlfriend. He heard my aspirations at the time, he himself an A-Type personality, and recognized with a level of sincerity, declaring it, noting it. I was like, in my mind, 'Yeah, I guess that's right.'

And then now Charles Stanley. Who I study and have studied for years. Again, to stories, when lust sins were first confessed in best I figure 2005, my life was flipped upside down. Once the dust settled, I was baptised (a second believer's baptism for me). But the lady who cut my hair, a long time family friend, one of the only people I liked as a babysitter when I was a young kid, she said, "I have a bunch of boxes of Charles Stanley's tapes. Would you like them?" And by a bunch ... that was no lie. Probably 100-300 tapes. And then the internet got stronger and iPhones and such and from that day then until now, I listen to Charles Stanley and like everything about him except he does not advocate Matthew 18 and I think he shies away from criticizing his son who I think he knows is wrong to deep matters and he does not talk to helpful details about his divorce.

That said, BRC is then, sure, driven by an A-Type character: me. But to heart and base, and logic, 'Rome' is the way I talk to 'world', based on the Great Commission Call of Matthew 28:16-20.

With the pastor focus I have, I imagine that 'king of the world' is a potential (likely?) 40 year outcome of BRC. It sure is fun to talk and think about, and I think it's the perfect way to lead.

Another point is that I list in my aims "and/or US President Someday". And then the true reality is that at 32 million members, or somewhere in between, people will call me to be US President. And from Day 1 with zero members, let it be known that I will NEVER run for US President until they change the rules to let me instead be king until I die. I will wait for them to get things straightened out instead of making a Devil Deal for the present way of things.

Now, that said, Rome has a worldview that will need people as well, so this is noteworthy to role and experience. In fact, a brother and sister who live in Nigeria are talking already of moving to San Diego, CA, obtaining VISAs and such. They matched my prayerful interest to match Jesus's call and then the disciples response to 'lay down their nets immediately and followed Him.' I ain't Jesus; I ain't divine. But to actually reach Rome, we need sold out people that do such things.


Like I said above, but it bears mentioning again here in this opportunity. I ain't Jesus; I ain't divine. But to actually reach Rome, we need sold out people that do such things. And, again, such things to me clearly involves notions of 'immediately', 'quitting one's job' and 'full surrender.' And, looking to Jesus, Capernaum is my San Diego, CA. And 12 Disciples then ... who might they be? I mean Sunday School teachers have a primary super important place, but you must agree that Disciple under me ... wow ... I am ever so prayerful for 12 bold men who ever so trust God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Yahweh, Abba, Father, that they too dedicate their life to the BRC aims. Dare I say, 'One helluva ride it'll be.'

Future Roles

Perhaps one of these may strike your fancy. I remember reading about Andy Stanley (who, btw, I definitely disagree with in fundamental ways) saying that when he started his church, he and a buddy crafted up roles and then people filled them in time.

Perhaps with that in mind in part, but also to introduce the vision for things to come, but then too roles that have extreme value to my vision and surely helpful somewhere at points on The Road to 32 Million, consider these in no particular order:

  • Marketing
  • Counseling
  • Video and Visual Arts
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations
  • VP
  • Hand of the King (hey, I enjoyed Game of Thrones)
  • Jester (?) lol
  • Truck loads of ladies in waiting
  • Deaconnesses
  • Philosopher
  • Critic and Doubter
  • A Dennis Rodman Type
  • Mater (the Cars Movie) Type
  • VP of Execution (getting things done)

The Un-Separation of Church and State

Now, to philosophy and tact, I'm guided by a belief that a theocracy is what God intended. And since God is God, how dare anyone argue these ends? And then shout 1 Samuel 8 where, some 3,000 years ago, government shifted away from God's rule. So, as I aim to be 'king of the world' it's really then motivated to see, to ask, to drive to what that looks like, not that I rule, but what a theocracy looks like and how God will lead and guide.

I do not declare any calling into this. I declare a calling on my life at age 12. I felt that, 'heard' that. But not this. So we're not talking 'fruit loops' here ... I'm talking logical tact from biblical insight and review.

Now, even to 1 Samuel 8, we see a problem: Samuel's sons were corrupt. So, this role gets special attention here, not per se higher than those listed above under 'Future Roles' but because it also let's me frame a shift from something that is separate and more powerful now than God in form, but from the place is SHOULD HOLD, only one of a number of good roles.

That's my view. And one, frankly, I invite better review over. But, along these lines, from time to time I think of the Department of Education. Yes, the US President has other cabinet seats, but frankly they have not come to mind with my pastor hat on very often. But Department of Education does. And so again, to shape a movement, a 3rd Great Awakening, a revival unmatched in human history to number ... it is important to get the morsels of importance on the table so they can develop in line and properly.

Schools need to teach better. The 'State' emphasis, the 'separation' emphasis, for instance, makes schools teach evolution. Which is insane. And again, there is surely more here to tact, but I simply list one to get the ball rolling: decision making. Schools need to teach a class like this. That people cannot be trusted (John 2:23-25).

Pet Projects

These 'Pet Projects', circling around now after a first draft, it is important to note that although anger is present in them, the base reality is that love is driving the charge. Love says things to get people straight that they will not like at first. Love, ultimately, shows itself as chastising words of rebuke to keep people from hell (Hebrews 10:26-31).

Note, please, that my name, Bayder means:

"Persons with the name Bayder are co-operative, courteous, and very considerate individuals. They have a tendancy to be able to sense the feelings of others, with the knack to be able to demonstrate certain mediation skills when handling complicated situations. They know how to organize and handle persons with care and ease. Peace and harmony are of the utmost importance to them.

My aims in all matters, these Pet Projects included are done to hurt, but to heal. Not that you 'like me,' but to make you holy."

Changing Divorce in America from 50% to 20%

I believe BRC is happening because God knit me for this (Psalm 139). So, yes, I can point to a call at age 12, but more deeply, I think God's Sovereign Plan had BRC in mind from the beginning of time. That kind of thing. Not spooky wierd like, just gives you a way I view BRC.

So, then, like Joseph was ushered away as a slave to Egypt by his brothers, sold into slavery, my family hurt me. My churches hurt me. And from all this, I have a tattoo (1 of 2 tattos I have) that says, '50% to 20%'. To 'overcome evil with good', a pet project of mine is to Change Divorce in America from 50% to 20%. The World does not have a model for how to handle the present situation, and corruption is so deep into the underpinnings of marriage and divorce and custody that BRC has a place here. No one is addressing it well. So we must lead here. So, for those interested in helping 'write the book' ... let's get thee dubbed.

Fixing Messiah College

I am prayerful toward specifically naming people and places for rebuke. In this case, I formalized it before, and now specifically list it. I was born Brethren in Christ and stand as a third generation graduate from this now dishonorable institition. When I went there, someone spray painted 'cash preimminent' over the luxurious entrance way that said, 'Christ Preimminent'.

Right now, I am forbidden to trespass on their property. Friends, this is not right. Messiah College cannot be both Christ Preimmient and refuse to even CONSIDER forgiveness. And sure, there is a story, but look, part of BRC is telling the truth, and a base part is operating on the Rock of Matthew 7:24-25. Throw in a reality that darn near NO CHURCH follows Matthew 18, and thus sits on a highway to hell (Hebrews 10:26-31), to knowingly and continually sin ... well, then it seems fitting that fixing Messiah Colllege is a real good flagship for tangible change toward BRC aims.

That is may be difficult is one thing; that BRC simply 'trusts God and leaves the consequences to Him' (Proverbs 3:5-6) is another. I cannot, BRC cannot, control the actions of Messiah College, but we DO as Christians in many regards, this one a listed Pet Project, to speak rebuke where it is clearly deserved.


Widows and orphans. Pastor Johnny mentioned them as a protected class some number of years back, and now these numbers of years later, it continues to sit in my heart. There are many organizations that help orphans, but there are not many if any that I'm aware of that help widows. So, then, let's work to change this problem.

Freedom of Speech

The First Amendment declares 'Freedom of Speech' but through the work of the Devil, things like PFAs and harassment sit as a twisted and dark reality that truth falls second to lies. And does this make the 'Father of Lies' happy? Darn right it does! When Jesus declares Himself, The Way, The Truth, and The Life, does it stand deeply offensive that the Devil is winning the war of the courts? Should we HAVE a court (1 Cor 6)? Bottom line as BRC aims to sort this out to health, I will NOT marry any couple. I cannot be both a good person and marry a couple. So, let's figure things out, in this specific regard, but in general. This needs more polish, but again ... for now ... it gets the ball rolling.